Foreign credit for Germans

Not every German citizen can or wants to take out a loan in Germany. Mostly it fails because of the conditions, which must be provided for the borrowing, so that the credit can not be taken up. Among other things, if the credit bureau is negative and therefore there is a loan in Germany only under very specific conditions.

Then many are ready to go abroad for the loan. On the one hand, to avoid the high hurdles in Germany, which must be taken with a loan without credit bureau. On the other hand, in order not to let the new loan appear in the credit bureau. This could mean that potential creditors feel addressed and would like to see what the borrower has borrowed and what has happened to them. In the best case, something can be seized. And no creditor wants to miss this.

The positive thing about a foreign loan for Germans is the fact that the loan does not appear in the credit bureau, because the credit bureau for the borrowing is neither requested, nor would make the entry about the loan. For foreign banks have no access to the data of credit bureau and therefore can not deposit anything there.

Which possibilities of borrowing are there?

Which possibilities of borrowing are there?

Foreign loans are not really magic and are advertised quite intensively. However, if one follows the advertising, one must often find that they are only lock offers that do not actually lead to the desired goal. Therefore, one should not rely on such offers and seek foreign credit for Germans on their own.

The best chances for such a loan are in the small Principality of Liechtenstein. The Soulcredit Bank is based there and has been granting outstanding loans to German citizens for years. The conditions are clearly regulated and are presented on the website.

However, there are also foreign loans in Switzerland, Luxembourg and other European countries that can be raised. We recommend borrowing in a country whose language you speak. Only then can you be sure that you can understand the formalities around the loan and the contractual aspects as well.

That can be expected

That can be expected

A foreign loan for Germans is usually a small loan, which holds a maximum loan amount of 7,500 euros. In addition, it can usually only be taken by employees, workers or civil servants, who can show a fixed income and a permanent job. Self-employed or freelancers will have little chance of getting a foreign loan for Germans.

In addition, a loan from abroad is not transferable and will only ever be paid out to one account. This account serves as a reference account, which must be used for the repayment of the loan.

No credit intermediary is required to apply for such a loan. All those banks that are genuinely interested in lending will make this clear on their website and clearly disclose the relevant documents for all interested parties. An intermediary who costs only unnecessarily money and on top of that can not guarantee credit, you can save confidently. Because he will not help.